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Aches and pains, poor circulation, trouble sleeping, feeling tired, having poor eating habits, smoking, or a constant need to take medications are all signs that you may need to detoxify your body.

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The Natural Detoxification Method for Your Body

April 19th, 2010 · No Comments

Do you feel ill or fatigued? Do you suffer from skin problems, aches, pains or digestive issues? If so, perhaps you should cleanse your body to rid it of toxins by using this natural method of detoxification.

In the process of detoxification, toxins in your body are eliminated. Abnormal functioning of our body can result from accumulated toxins, which can be found in food, the environment, and a number of other sources. Without system cleansing, accumulated toxins can be harmful at the cellular level. Moreover, the system gets rid of toxins via organs like kidneys, lungs, bowels, and skin. Toxins won’t be adequately filtered out if the organs aren’t functioning optimally.

Here are some methods of naturally ridding the system of toxic substances. This usually needs to be done once a month, but depending on your toxin level, this could be more or less.

* When we fast, this gives the organs time to recuperate. However, this is not to say that you skip all meals and liquids. Drinking water will ensure that you stay hydrated. Drinking one or two liters of water, along with a dash of honey and a lemon for a garnish, is a great idea in the morning hours. It may be difficult for you to quickly drink two liters, so set up an interval to regulate your drinking time. It seems basic enough, yet you’d be amazed at the number of folks who neglect to drink water daily. This ensures the elimination of toxic substances while leaving you more focused and less lethargic.

* Avoid eating white or wheat breads along with white rice. This manufactures more stomach acid, which leads to greater appetite and cravings. In between meals, make fresh fruit juices to drink as an alternative. Don’t mix fruits — stick to one fruit at a time, because mixing them can cause interactions and produce irritating chemicals.

* At lunchtime, it is okay to have mashed potatoes combined with steamed veggies. If you have a craving for rice, one additional option is brown rice. Our body’s digestive system will benefit from exposure to brown rice. Relief from problems such as constipation can result, as it assists with bowel movements. Another good recommendation is root crops. Keep in mind that good foods like veggies, fruits and whole grain rice are nature’s gifts. So put them to use.

* Steaming procedures can be performed as part of the detoxification plan too. Another method of doing this is to boil ginger and lemon grass in 5 to 10 cups of water and then squeeze lemons into it. Using a rice cooker is an option for you if you don’t own a steamer. The boiling should take place beneath a chair in which you will sit covered with a blanket, with only your head exposed. Once the water boils, steam is formed and the skin will begin sweating. It only takes around 15 minutes to achieve removal of toxins from skin. Right before bedtime is a good time for this process, since the steam is conducive to sleepiness.

* Stress actually adversely impacts health as well. This stimulates the system to dump stress hormones throughout the body. Hormones like this will dump adrenaline when stressed and could produce toxins, slowing liver detox. Therefore, it is important to detoxify your body along with avoiding life situations that can be stressful. Take advantage of positive emotions and get rid of stress.

Just a week is all it takes for detoxification. After this time, you might observe differences in your taste, skin, and bowel movements. If you stick with the gifts Nature has to offer, you’ll notice that your health will improve and stay that way.

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