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Aches and pains, poor circulation, trouble sleeping, feeling tired, having poor eating habits, smoking, or a constant need to take medications are all signs that you may need to detoxify your body.

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Foot Detox Patches. Manual of Using

May 28th, 2009 · No Comments

Detoxification is advertised as a mandatory component to rebuilding the body’s immune system. No one can argue that toxins aren’t everywhere. You will likely not succeed in this, and you will realize that you can benefit from detoxing. Detoxification is readily accessible to everyone these days, thanks to health product manufacturers producing products that combine modern technology with traditional Asian medicinal practices, like reflexology, crystal therapy and herbalism. Detox patches are the easiest and most popular form of detoxification.

While they are designed to be worn on the soles of the feet, detox patches can be placed anywhere on the body that needs detoxification. Natural ingredients like wood or bamboo vinegar and tourmaline are components of foot detox patches. The blockages in the circulatory and lymphatic systems are vanquished as these ingredients work together to stimulate the acupressure points on your feet. This makes it easier to get rid of toxins.

Foot detox patches give fast results. You feel better after one night, but for best results, it’s good to use them two nights in a row.

Foot detox patches can be helpful in:
• Getting rid of toxins
• Improving circulation of the blood
• Strengthening the immune system
• Preventing retention of water
• Increasing metabolism
• Improving sleep patterns
• Preventing fatigue
• Revitalizing you
• Managing pain

Remember the following information with regard to foot detox patches:

1. Apply detox patches on any area that needs relief.

2. Do not place these patches on any open wounds or mucus membranes on your body, or around the eyes.

3. It’s best to use the foot detox patches at night, but they can be used during the day.

4. It is advisable to wear socks to keep the foot detox patches in place while you are sleeping.

5. When applying to slippery or curved surfaces, cover the detox patch with tape.

Detox patches prevent toxin build up. You body can fight off infections better when it has less toxins. Prevent yourself from falling ill by using detox patches.

Now you can naturally improve your health with detox foot pads!

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